My CreateSpace Book!

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I’m thrilled with the quality of the book printed by CreateSpace!  The book is perfect, binding is beautiful, colour is brilliant, paper is heavy-weight and bright white. The trim is excellent, cover is high gloss. Everything is very much according to the specs given by the site. Delivery was super-prompt.

I hope you will visit the page at and have a look, and maybe even buy one to put away as a gift for a child in your family or circle of friends.

SHELBY F. SQUIRREL will provide many hours of enjoyment to any child between 4 and 11.


Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

Robin Bird in Green Grass

Here’s a nice Sign of Spring!  Shelby collides with a mother robin in one of the stories, and has to get his mother and sister to help him pull her up to her nest, where the eggs are starting to get cold. Like most little kids, he was having fun without looking where he was going!

Since my impatient nature allowed me to print my business cards before deciding to put Shelby on CreateSpace, Amazon’s print-on-demand site, I am now adding the link BY HAND to all my business cards (as punishment, I’m sure, for not looking where I was going!). Writer’s cramp is setting in, folks!  Lesson to me: Wait and plan properly!!!

Here’s the link, so easy to TYPE it!

Did you read Winnie the Pooh?

snow owl

There was a wonderful character called OWL in those stories. SHELBY F. SQUIRREL’S kindly uncle is called the Wise Old Owl. Of course, in nature owls are predators and flying squirrels would be natural prey, but in a story for young children fancy can implemented. Interesting classroom discussion fodder for the middle grades 4 to 6, there is a wealth of similar opportunity in this book.

If you loved A.A. Milne’s, Thornton W. Burgess’s and Beatrix Potter’s books for children, you will also love my Shelby stories.

Fun, antics and morals abound. Each story is different and stands alone. A variety of characters, wide range of topics and overriding focus on nature and the environment are the ingredients. Sparkling colour photographs accompany each story. The book can be enjoyed for many years, by reading to younger children, and older kids owning a book they can read and pass on to their own families with pride.

Paperback now available at

E-Book versions at:



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Our Wee Jimmy 2014 (K)

He’s 12 years old this year. His little leg band says so.

Jimmy is our example of how to be a good friend and an amiable companion. He never complains when Buddy harasses him or chases him out of the food dish or off a perch where he’s snoozing.

He would be the peace maker among war chiefs or politicians, our little bird. Poise, dignity and wise comments just when needed, that’s just how he is.

His own particular very unbudgie-like “Chee Qua” accompanied by an emphatic nod of his head is music to our ears. We figure he must have heard this sound during the months in the pet store before he became a wonderful birthday gift from my sweet daughter, Kira. No idea to this day what on earth kind of critter he took that from, but he made it his own!!!

A toast to Wee Jimmy and all similar creatures who live in harmony with any and all beings.



I’M CELEBRATING because I can now offer you The Complete Adventures of SHELBY F. SQUIRREL and Friends in a beautiful full-colour book, with a gloss cover. It’s a paperback, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, 148 pages.

You can find it here:

For those who prefer an eBook here are the links to Kobo and Kindle (Amazon):



Life is a Balancing Act!

Squirrel Acrobat

Take a tip from this little guy and make the best of it! That’s the underlying theme in all of the stories in The Complete Adventures of SHELBY F. SQUIRREL and Friends, now available on Kindle, and Kobo, Delightful tales of fun and adventure for kids 4 – 11. Please also visit me and comment on where you can see all the photos included in the book, reactions of parents and teachers, and all about me, Eleanor Lawrie, the author.