The Complete Adventures of SHELBY F SQUIRREL and Friends (2015)

AA Complete NEW FRONT COVER-  300 RES. 5.75 X 8.75

24 lively adventures suitable for reading to children age 3 – 7, and independent reading by children age 7 – 10.  Here’s a little bit of the first story:


Shelby F. Squirrel was so excited he was quivering all over! His mother had just told him that he was old enough now to go down to the ground with the rest of the family to hunt for fallen nuts. He and his twin sister, Darby, were not babies any more!

“But,” his mother had sternly added, You must never go down to the ground alone! We always go together.

The other thing their mother had told them was what the initial F stood for. He and Darby had always wanted to know, but were told that they would find out when they were older.

She had patiently explained, You know that other squirrels look a lot like us, and behave like us most of the time. Our tails are shorter and our fur is thicker, but the most important thing to know is what our middle initial stands for. It is the same for every member in our whole family. She paused for a moment and taking a big breath, announced, Shelby Flying Squirrel and Darby Flying Squirrel are your full and proper names, and in a few days you will have your first flying lesson!

Oh, no! cried Shelby. I‘ll never be able to do that, I just know it! and before either of them could stop him he scrambled down the tree and across the grass.

Without looking back, he just ran as fast as he could and soon he was on the edge of the parking lot behind a tall building that seemed to stretch all the way to the sky. As he glanced around he was startled to see a small black and white dog come trotting toward him. A low growl came from away down its throat and it suddenly dashed right toward Shelby.

Shelbys little feet skidded on the pavement as he took off, but he skittered toward the door that someone had just come through and darted inside before he even realized what he was doing.

He was in a small room with no way out! There were two shopping carts in the corner and a closed door on each side wall. Straight in front of him was another different looking door. He was in a complete panic, eyes popping, chest heaving, when the different looking door slid open sideways! And then another door slid open just a little bit in front of that!

In a shot he was through them both, and went sliding across a beautiful room with soft furniture, carpets, and potted plants. He sat back on his haunches to take it all in, his head turning in all directions.

The Great FOREST CAPER (2016)


An 11 chapter adventure for children age 8 – 11.  Shelby isn’t a little kid any more and the forest is in trouble!

The following is a short excerpt from Chapter 1:


Shelby and Petra F. Squirrel were basking in the warmth of a beautiful spring afternoon, listening to Rosie Robin and her extended family send melodious notes echoing through the treetops.

Sunshine filtered through the fresh green leaves creating deep shadows against dancing rays of gold. Tiny motes floated in the bright columns, and butterflies painted flashes of orange and yellow as they flitted about. Shelby and Petra felt more like napping than gathering food. They would have to work a little harder to make up later, when everyone joined in the night hunt.

Shelby’s sister, Darby, and Peter F. Squirrel, her new friend, had left earlier in the day, which was their habit lately. It would be nightfall before they would likely return. The mother flying squirrels were happily soaking up the sun too, high in the branches of the gentle pine where they were snacking on cones, digging out their sweet seeds, and finding clusters of soft new needles to line their nests.

Petra jumped suddenly, pricking up her ears. “What’s that noise?” she asked, peering around and then staring at Shelby with a spark of fear in her eyes.

“I don’t hear anything!” he responded, trying to sound calm. He had seen a truck parked nearby a few times, and had an uncomfortable feeling about what it was doing there, but then he was naturally distrustful of new sounds and anything that might invade their treetop paradise.

“Let’s go look!” shouted Petra, taking off into space with a flying leap. Shelby heaved a patient sigh and followed as she led him to the forest edge. Sure enough there was the small brown van, the same one that had been hanging around for a week or two.

They decided to follow the two men that climbed out and loaded up with notebooks and small cases, some on straps which were slung over their shoulders. One glanced upward, as though he sensed them above him, and quickly brought a camera up, snapping several shots.

“Couple of flying squirrels up there, Tony,” he said, jerking his chin up.

“Yeah, hope we see lots of wildlife. Let’s take a walk. You have your recorders all set up?”

“Yup, I’ll pick up every possible sound from birdsong to mice running through dried leaves, you’ll see!”

“Glad you’re the one deciphering it later. I’ll take care of the visual. Still shots on the way in and movie on the way back. Better if we split up, so I can record notes for myself. You wouldn’t want my jabbering on your nature tapes!”

With a hearty chuckle he marched off toward the west boundary of the forest.

Shelby whispered to Petra, “Okay, you go with that one, and I’ll follow the other guy. We better tell the Wise Old Owl about this tonight.”









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