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Format: Kindle Edition

This is a wonderful and humorous tale about a group of forest animals who mount a charge against the impending human destruction of their forest homes. Led by Shelby F. Squirrel, the anthropomorphic animals devise a series of defenses to derail the planned urban sprawl in their ecosystem. Lessons of teamwork, the place of humans and animals in habitats and communities, and environmental stewardship are all part of this fun and easy read. This story is a good accompaniment to the science/environmental curriculum goals of the human impact on the natural plant and animal communities.

One of my Humorous Poems


I do not wait with bated breath for summer;

For me it can be something of a bummer!

The warmth is lovely but the heat is hellish,

The humidex is something I don’t relish!

When winter ends we’re all so very happy,

But allergies soon make me feel plain crappy!

The weather may be perfect but it beats me;

The sudden change from cold to hot defeats me!

The world is just so quiet when it’s snowing,

Then summer comes and all the lawns need mowing,

Of course, the work is done with power mowers

And then our ears are treated to leaf blowers!

We do enjoy the cool night air for sleeping,

But when the skunks go by we feel like weeping!

The bird songs all around are really pretty,

But the splatters on my car are not confetti!

One must admit it’s nice to dress so lightly,

But then we see too much that is unsightly!

We’re wearing clothes to suit the summer breezes,

Then sit in restaurants that are deep-freezes!

While summer has its moments, it’s too crazy,

I feel a lot more sane when fall gets hazy!

Eleanor Lawrie, June 13, 2010

ALL is WELL (finally!)

Finally, both my SHELBY books are online & available and the eBook formats are correct and WILL download!!

I learned a valuable lesson with the uploading process of the new book, The Great FOREST CAPER. This time I was all prepared and did the ‘right’ thing by going to CreateSpace first.

Imagine how pleased I was to see that CreateSpace offers to send a file directly to Amazon for the eBook version. And of course, I clicked YES.  Who wouldn’t?

Now try to imagine my horror on discovering that the eBook was empty, no material at all would download except the cover!  What on earth was happening?

A few hours over two or three days spent on emails and phone calls (both CreateSpace and KDP have excellent telephone help) I discovered the file has to be a word document (several are acceptable) but never a PDF. Now why would CreateSpace knowingly send a PDF?  For that there is no answer. I even received a copy of it for safe-keeping.

The lesson learned was this:  NEVER, absolutely NEVER, ASSUME that things are done right. Check, and check again!

Next step was to go back to my .doc version, take out the page numbers,  and do the necessary page breaks, and upload it to KDP.

Guess what?  IT WORKED, and I DID IT MYSELF after all!

Find both books here:   $2.99 USD   (Just under $4.oo CAD)

Paperback:  Colour $19.99 USD, B&W $7.99  $5.99  USD


Please go to ABOUT / REVIEWS and COMMENTS to read what people think of both SHELBY books. Order the paperback in plenty of time for school!


FINAL 2AA Complete NEW FRONT COVER-  300 RES. 5.75 X 8.75

For everyone who purchased either of my books (above) or used the FREE promos July 29, Aug 5, Aug 6:

Amazon will contact you, particularly the FREE download customers, by email to offer the correct version.

For The Complete Adventures of SHELBY F SQUIRREL & Friends, your book may be poorly formatted on your device. I’m hoping you will also receive an email from Amazon.

In either case you will need to go to the ‘MANAGE YOUR CONTENT AND DEVICES’ page on Amazon, to receive a proper update.

FOREST CAPER is ready now!!

COMPLETE ADVENTURES, please wait until August 14.

Please accept my deepest apologies for this inconvenience!  I’ve learned a lot about the Indie Publishing industry this last few days!!

PS:  For a wonderful review of FOREST CAPER please click on the comment beside the AUG 4 Blog post.  I want to carry this one around in my pocket!!  Thanks very much to Karin S.  🙂

FREE!! Fri Aug 5 & Sat Aug 6


The Great FOREST CAPER, A Shelby F. Squirrel Adventure

FREE!! TOMORROW, FRIDAY AUG 5, and also on SATURDAY AUG 6 on Amazon!! (USA) (Canada) (Britain)

Take a moment to download a copy and discover the looming disaster that threatens Shelby and his friends.

Exciting, fast-moving drama, involving the forest and farm animals we loved in The Complete Adventures of SHELBY F SQUIRREL and Friends.

This book is suitable for children ages 8 – 11.