He can’t wait! He’s SOOO excited he’s quivering all over!!! (It’s OK for authors to quote themselves, you know.)

This little flying squirrel’s author lady has been bent over the computer for a couple of days. My back can attest to that, let me tell you.

Since I’m the impatient sort, (which I readily admit and apologize for to all who know me)  I decided to jump in with both feet and click on the KDP button. The testimonials in bright array had said there is NO RISK! That’s for me, I said to myself.

In no time I was offered a book to tell me how to format my document as needed for Kindle.

The book came with a free app for a reader which I downloaded on my PC desktop, and then I proceeded to order the book, which was totally FREE!

After not managing to make it happen, I called for help. I guess I was pretty far off the norm for problems ordering. Turned out I was on instead of !!!!!  The third extremely polite, very patient, friendly person I spoke to figured that out. And we laughed together about it all.

I skimmed through the book quickly on my newly acquired desktop reader. It works like a charm.

That was Thursday.

Friday dawned and I was restless. Still too cold to want to go outside. 6 weeks of non-stop Polar weather has honed my hibernation instincts. Caught up on laundry, not interested in cleaning the bathtub (yuck!) and I just couldn’t just lie in bed reading or filling up my Sudoku book.

So – – I opened Shelby F. Squirre,l and the desktop reader, and just referred to the instructions, and applied them to my document, step by step.

Wow, World! I have learned tons about my Microsoft Word Program! And by suppertime, Shelby was formatted totally differently and IT WAS SO EASY!

Next comes another careful read, an official Copyedit, convert and Zip and push the required button at KDP. Oh and Spellcheck, of course.

Now the butterflies have started!  Excitement, fright, impatience (oh, I mentioned that already!) and cold feet are all going on in mad confusion.  But that will pass, and the button WILL be pushed.

And you, dear reader, will be the first to know!  Right here.

Keep those noses in your books and readers, folks!  And your eyes on this blog/website.