Shelby F. Squirrel e-Books now AVAILABLE!!


In the late Spring Shelby F.(for flying) Squirrel and his sister, Darby, are told they are old enough to leave the nest and even go down the tree trunk (always with their mother!) to look for nuts on the ground. AND they find out they are FLYING squirrels (which makes Shelby run away in horror! Alone, down the tree, OH, NO!!) but who would ever guess they would make it to CYBERSPACE too!! It’s pretty exciting to say the least!  Maybe Shelby looked something like the little guy in the photo, who is actually a regular gray squirrel, when his mother told him the big, wide world is waiting!

The Complete Adventures of SHELBY F. SQUIRREL and Friends is now available as an e-Book on both and  In each case, please select e-Books, then type in my name (Eleanor Lawrie) or the book title.  Previews are available!

PLEASE have a look, tell your friends and let me know what you think! SHELBY’S WAITING FOR YOU, AND ALL YOUR KIDS AGED 4 TO 10!!


Welcome to my new ADDRESS!

Buddy 2014 (K)

This is Buddy, the younger of our two budgies. He’s sitting in his open doorway looking out, and that’s how I feel today. I’m  in the doorway of a new adventure! My website address is now They say a blog/website should tell or have a key word that tells about you and what you do.

You couldn’t get more about me than FLUTES! My love affair with the flute began at age 13 when I was in a music class in Grade 9 at High School. It is still as much a part of my life as I can make it, being a member of a community band, and playing duets whenever I can. Some pleasures just never fade; even after a lifetime of symphonic, chamber and solo performing, it’s still a JOY to be part of LIVE music-making.

Flying squirrels are just such amazing and wonderful creatures. It’s pure serendipity that Shelby entered my life and that he is a flying squirrel. Can’t explain why, it just happened that way!  The first story was written in 2010, so Shelby has established himself well into our existence. And his adventures are becoming known to more people every day.

Just for fun, I’m including a humorous poem I wrote about how I started playing the flute:


It was just a normal day at school, and there we were in music class.

The teacher said, I know it’s cruel, but your string playing just won’t pass.

So from today we’ll be a band; violins, violas, cellos, basses,

are being shelved, out of hand, and this is what will take their places:

Here, you take this, he said to me, why don’t you just give that a toot?

I sat the small case on my knee, inside it gleamed a silver flute!

There we sat all in a row, and with each head joint we got busy.

We were told to simply blow, but soon the lot of us was dizzy!

No, no, you have to blow across! Don’t blow down into the hole!

Of course, we knew he was the boss, but we just laughed; out of control!

Meanwhile all around the room the brasses blared, the saxes moaned,

the tubas all went oom pah oom, and clarinets all squeaked and groaned.

Of course, the drummers had it best, with deafening bangs and bongs and pings;

The teacher yelled, give it a rest! Or you’ll go back to playing strings!

Eleanor Lawrie   November 18, 2012

(This was exactly what happened to me in Grade Nine just after Christmas! The class had begun in September on strings, I was playing cello! And the whole class was hopelessly bad.)


He can’t wait! He’s SOOO excited he’s quivering all over!!! (It’s OK for authors to quote themselves, you know.)

This little flying squirrel’s author lady has been bent over the computer for a couple of days. My back can attest to that, let me tell you.

Since I’m the impatient sort, (which I readily admit and apologize for to all who know me)  I decided to jump in with both feet and click on the KDP button. The testimonials in bright array had said there is NO RISK! That’s for me, I said to myself.

In no time I was offered a book to tell me how to format my document as needed for Kindle.

The book came with a free app for a reader which I downloaded on my PC desktop, and then I proceeded to order the book, which was totally FREE!

After not managing to make it happen, I called for help. I guess I was pretty far off the norm for problems ordering. Turned out I was on instead of !!!!!  The third extremely polite, very patient, friendly person I spoke to figured that out. And we laughed together about it all.

I skimmed through the book quickly on my newly acquired desktop reader. It works like a charm.

That was Thursday.

Friday dawned and I was restless. Still too cold to want to go outside. 6 weeks of non-stop Polar weather has honed my hibernation instincts. Caught up on laundry, not interested in cleaning the bathtub (yuck!) and I just couldn’t just lie in bed reading or filling up my Sudoku book.

So – – I opened Shelby F. Squirre,l and the desktop reader, and just referred to the instructions, and applied them to my document, step by step.

Wow, World! I have learned tons about my Microsoft Word Program! And by suppertime, Shelby was formatted totally differently and IT WAS SO EASY!

Next comes another careful read, an official Copyedit, convert and Zip and push the required button at KDP. Oh and Spellcheck, of course.

Now the butterflies have started!  Excitement, fright, impatience (oh, I mentioned that already!) and cold feet are all going on in mad confusion.  But that will pass, and the button WILL be pushed.

And you, dear reader, will be the first to know!  Right here.

Keep those noses in your books and readers, folks!  And your eyes on this blog/website.

Update, this link should work for the Beer Bottle music.



Beer Bottle Michael Jackson

Especially since I’ve been a flute player since I was 13, this just speaks to my heart! These young guys have partially filled beer bottles, carefully tuning them to the notes they need for the piece. If they want to play something else they have to start all over, a painstaking process to have each bottle produce the one note it will play during a performance.

Each player has a few bottles sitting in a small box (a couple are even hanging around their necks while they play percussion instruments). Talk about multi-tasking, they have it mastered.

Picture Zamfir sliding so deftly across the pan flute, watch how talented these young men are at producing every single note, while they stand easily and sway and swing to the beat. Loved it totally!!  A lot of work and practice went into this, believe me!

Kudos to these innovative, smart gentlemen!

Moral to the story: Never judge anything by the shape it comes in. They play so well, it could be symphonic music they will be doing next.

Hope you enjoy and are inspired. At the very least a happy experience for your day.

Comments? Hope so!

Aah, March at last!

I decided March came in like a lion yesterday, no matter what the criteria might be for the label. It has be the lion, so it will go out like a lamb!  Now you can tell me I’m as silly as the Groundhog Day believers, but I have to say in my own defense, I need something positive to hang onto after another winter that was too long and too cold. I know it wasn’t as long as the previous year, but February was just too much!!

Well, everyone, I am now back on FaceBook!  Friends are popping up, and friends of friends. It’s pretty exciting, and I hope I’m up to the task.

Just because Shelby is always on my mind, here is the photo from the first story, ‘SHELBY’S FLYING LESSON’.

Squirrel on the grass

He has run away from home because his mother has just told him he is a flying squirrel and will have his first flying lesson in a day or two. Shelby is convinced he’ll never be able to do that, but his wild dash into a high rise, escaping the Super by getting into the elevator, finding himself in an apartment where a cat chases him, ends with a wild leap off a balcony and a sweet flight into the tree below. One lesson learned, many to go.

So my question to you, reader, is do you know how flying squirrels fly?  Let’s hear it and be honest, please.

See you in a day or two!!      🙂

I needed a squirrel on the ground for this, so I had to use this shot of a common gray squirrel, but he looks enough like Shelby to give you the idea.