Shelby F. Squirrel e-Books now AVAILABLE!!


In the late Spring Shelby F.(for flying) Squirrel and his sister, Darby, are told they are old enough to leave the nest and even go down the tree trunk (always with their mother!) to look for nuts on the ground. AND they find out they are FLYING squirrels (which makes Shelby run away in horror! Alone, down the tree, OH, NO!!) but who would ever guess they would make it to CYBERSPACE too!! It’s pretty exciting to say the least!  Maybe Shelby looked something like the little guy in the photo, who is actually a regular gray squirrel, when his mother told him the big, wide world is waiting!

The Complete Adventures of SHELBY F. SQUIRREL and Friends is now available as an e-Book on both and  In each case, please select e-Books, then type in my name (Eleanor Lawrie) or the book title.  Previews are available!

PLEASE have a look, tell your friends and let me know what you think! SHELBY’S WAITING FOR YOU, AND ALL YOUR KIDS AGED 4 TO 10!!


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