Beer Bottle Michael Jackson

Especially since I’ve been a flute player since I was 13, this just speaks to my heart! These young guys have partially filled beer bottles, carefully tuning them to the notes they need for the piece. If they want to play something else they have to start all over, a painstaking process to have each bottle produce the one note it will play during a performance.

Each player has a few bottles sitting in a small box (a couple are even hanging around their necks while they play percussion instruments). Talk about multi-tasking, they have it mastered.

Picture Zamfir sliding so deftly across the pan flute, watch how talented these young men are at producing every single note, while they stand easily and sway and swing to the beat. Loved it totally!!  A lot of work and practice went into this, believe me!

Kudos to these innovative, smart gentlemen!

Moral to the story: Never judge anything by the shape it comes in. They play so well, it could be symphonic music they will be doing next.

Hope you enjoy and are inspired. At the very least a happy experience for your day.

Comments? Hope so!

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  1. Gita
    Mar 04, 2015 @ 23:24:52

    Unable to click and view. Here’s the link. Great music!

    Liked by 1 person


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