Aah, March at last!

I decided March came in like a lion yesterday, no matter what the criteria might be for the label. It has be the lion, so it will go out like a lamb!  Now you can tell me I’m as silly as the Groundhog Day believers, but I have to say in my own defense, I need something positive to hang onto after another winter that was too long and too cold. I know it wasn’t as long as the previous year, but February was just too much!!

Well, everyone, I am now back on FaceBook!  Friends are popping up, and friends of friends. It’s pretty exciting, and I hope I’m up to the task.

Just because Shelby is always on my mind, here is the photo from the first story, ‘SHELBY’S FLYING LESSON’.

Squirrel on the grass

He has run away from home because his mother has just told him he is a flying squirrel and will have his first flying lesson in a day or two. Shelby is convinced he’ll never be able to do that, but his wild dash into a high rise, escaping the Super by getting into the elevator, finding himself in an apartment where a cat chases him, ends with a wild leap off a balcony and a sweet flight into the tree below. One lesson learned, many to go.

So my question to you, reader, is do you know how flying squirrels fly?  Let’s hear it and be honest, please.

See you in a day or two!!      🙂

I needed a squirrel on the ground for this, so I had to use this shot of a common gray squirrel, but he looks enough like Shelby to give you the idea.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Paula Horton
    Mar 02, 2015 @ 20:18:18

    I have become quite fond of Shelby altho I don’t know how he flies. maybe it’s his energetic spirit! At any rate, I am looking forward to more adventures.



  2. Eleanor Lawrie
    Mar 03, 2015 @ 00:18:17

    Well, Paula, if you haven’t read the first story yet, take a look on wattpad.com/squirrelmania. Shelby has his own unexpected flying lesson!! I’m so happy to know you are fond of the little guy, he really does make his way into people’s hearts. Glad he’s has flown into yours! 🙂



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