Feb 26, 2015

Today I purchased a book called KickStart Kindle Promotion, The 10 Step Plan to Accelerate Your Sales by Amy Harrop.

I’m pretty excited about finding this and have my friend, Bryan, to thank for emailing the link to me this morning. Duty calls now for a trip to the grocery store, oh mundane task, but something that does serve to get me out the door no matter how nasty and cold it is out there.

I’m still doing a one last check of the Shelby manuscript so it’s as perfect as possible. Only a few pages to go. The book is 143 pages, a nice number to hold the shenanigans of Shelby and his forest friends.

Must run, time for lunch!   Cheers, keep writing and keep reading,

Eleanor   (S.M.  LOL!)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bryan Minnes
    Feb 26, 2015 @ 22:13:42

    Eleanor, congratulations on your new Blog, beginning to look good.

    We have shared writing experiences together; I enjoy your stories and poems. I am a Shelby Squirrel fan even if I am a little old for it …it helps keeps me young. You have been a great support from time to time, as a fellow writer, assisting when I was ‘stuck’ and needed a critical writer/reader eye to support and help push me along.

    I have also been to several of your concerts, I still remember your friendly lecture to ensure I knew the difference between a clarinet and an oboe. I am familiar with your musical repertoire, and enjoy our mutual love of good music. I was also amazed to get to know Kira, your daughter, and her wonderful operatic singing accomplishments.

    However, I was most amazed to see your painting of the ‘country cabin’ on your writers Blog. Wow, I never knew you were also a painter. Hidden talents emerging all the time.

    Please keep writing, and sharing your stories and your poetry.

    I hope you get Shelby ready for publishing soon, Keep Blogging
    …and best of luck with your recent entry in the Short Story writing contest.
    Bryan …your writing friend.



  2. Eleanor Lawrie
    Feb 27, 2015 @ 00:27:29

    Thanks for writing, Bryan! Yes, we’re soul-mates at the computer keyboard. I must reserve a space to write about the group the brought us together, Writers Forum. Promise to get to that! Look at the road we’ve travelled in a short time, what the group has experienced from reading to each other to publishing our own collection of poems and stories, creating poetry and stories inspired by paintings in two separate ‘Exchanges’ between local painters and writers.

    More about my years of painting and drawing to come later too, some neat stories there as well.

    Don’t you find that ‘artistic’ people, usually can do or at least deeply appreciate anything creative, whether it’s music, literature, or visual arts? How lucky to a small part of that community!
    Ciao! Keep writing, and come back to talk here. Do you like the background of my site here?

    Eleanor 🙂



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