Learning that TWITTER is very worthwhile! Allow me to SHARE!


This is me looking more dressed up! 

WOW! Started my Twitter account about a month ago, and am VERY happy with the dialogue and free offers that have come my way.  Tweet me @eleanorlawrie1

Let me share a few sites that I am now using.  All the following deal with promoting eBooks, and all came from Twitter exposure. P.S. you must have Followers!!

AHA Program, Authors Helping Authors is at the TOP of my list. Free promotion using Twitter, so anything I Tweet is re-Tweeted forward. Also, my free gift is re-Tweeting any Tweet I send which mentions my book, and that happens through 3 or 4 Twitter accounts. Twitter: @ahapartners  Web: authorjd.com/aha-program/

Sites to post your title, bio etc: goodreads.com and iauthor.uk.com. I needed email help several times to complete my GoodReads upload, but iAuthor was totally user-friendly, so I did it in a few minutes on my own. These sites offer recommendations, author profiles and more.

Bookmarketingtools.com,   sellmorebooks.com,   pitchrate.com,   bookpromoter.in,   authorsinfo.com are also places with free services.

sleepybookworm.com does E-Book promotions for a whole year for $29.99!


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