Shelby’s Meadow Mystery

sunny glade

The 12th story in The Complete Adventures of SHELBY F. SQUIRREL and Friends is ‘Shelby and the Meadow Mystery’. The meadow is one of the favourite places for playing tag and other games with his sister and his friends. They all gather to watch the strange activities there one summer day. Rows of people are sticking shovels into the ground, jamming a small green thing from a burlap bag into the slot and stomping it with a heel, then moving methodically forward to do it all again!

Charlie, the old farm horse, is sent for and tells everyone that the people are planting trees! This is received with shock and disbelief because the green shoots are so small.

After some discussion, the friends decide to move to another forest beside Charlie’s farm, where he promises to tell the other animals to welcome them, and there is a fine meadow to become their new playground.

This leads to Part Two: SHELBY ON THE FARM, 12 more stories, lots more adventure and a whole array of brand new animals to meet and learn about.

Read it, buy it!


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