Two Days of FLUTE Duets & Trios!!

Just turned back the clock and played a whole bunch of Kuhlau, Doppler, and Bach with my long-time friend for the last two days. Very rejuvenating for both of us, just a special joy to still be able to recreate these masterpieces with our flutes. Even did a Telemann on piccolos, just for the heck of it. Can you believe her cat came into the room and laid at our feet during the piccolo playing? Then she stayed until we were done for the day. We took that as a favourable review.

I have been hooked on flute duets all my life, first discovering the joy of the sound and challenge with my teacher, Keith Girard, in Toronto, a 25-year-member of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Helen and I met in the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra in 1961, and later were both in the Niagara Symphony. For several years we got together every week for lunch and flute duets.

There have been a few others over the years, but Helen and I have the longest partnership by far. THANKS, DEAR FRIEND, for sharing your love and great talent! 


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