What a little cutie!


Little cousin of SHELBY F. SQUIRREL! Any squirrel relative makes me think of my furry protagonist. He’s so much in my head that I’ve started a new book. This one will be for MIDDLE GRADE, involving a capture, injury, healing, sightseeing across Canada, and reunion. Lots of fodder for fun, excitement, characters, scenes and learning along the way.

I hope you have learned by now that The Complete Adventures of SHELBY F. SQUIRREL and Friends for ages 4-11 is now available on CreateSpace in BLACK & WHITE.

After uploading the B&W version, I now discover that CreateSpace can’t put the two editions on the same page, or link them on the CreateSpace eStore. Here’s hoping they can implement a way to do that. Such are the complexities of computer programming. I’ve just added the information and links to the product description on the two pages. Here are the links:

COLOUR:  http://createspace.com/5399580                          $19.99

BLACK & WHITE: http://createspace.com/5648006                 $9.99


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