Well, this morning when we looked out for the first time what greeted us was snow fencing!

Every year the city puts up a line parallel to the street that runs by the end of our building. The field in front of us is quite large, enough that another high-rise was planned for the space a few years ago. In the way of modern building, units had to be sold before beginning construction. After a few months the signs were taken away and we kept our field, much to my relief and that of many others.

At both sides of this property there are ravines with creeks among the trees. And these areas shelter roving families of deer. Our street has Deer Crossing signs on it! We all look forward to every sighting. One marvels to think that it appears to be out of concern for the deer that an opening is always left in the snow fence.

I can tell you myself, in my nightly wanderings to the window, I watched when that gate was used by fauns being led across the snow in the moonlight.  But when the adults are on their own, they sail over gracefully and take your breath away with the beauty of it.

Now that we live on the other side of the field on a lower floor, the nocturnal spying on these lovely animals is no longer possible. Even if we did still have a good view, I’m blinded by a parking lot light that is as bright as a train engine’s headlamp, aimed directly at our windows.

But the deer will still come, and I’ll be happy to see their tracks in the morning sun. And I’ll know that in the woods those gentle, peaceful creatures are living quietly beside us, right here in the middle of the city.


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