Just Checking In….


Oh (sigh) gone are the summery blue skies, replaced with snow-laden gray clouds, biting winds and slippery sidewalks!

Life throws us curves and there’s one in my life just now. My sister and I are having to see to the welfare of our older brother. He treasured his independence a little too much, for considerably too long a time.

It’s hospital stay, waiting for move to retirement home with full care package, all happening overnight. Or so it seems.

I beg you, put your affairs in order! Long before you think you should. Spare your family the load of dealing with everything at once – selling a house, having Power of Attorney approved by banks, being forced to make the choice of a future ‘home’ for someone suddenly in need of a lot of support and help.

Official assessment by the home of our choice is scheduled for two days from now. It’s very awkward to do everything all day long with my fingers crossed, but that’s all I can do while we await the word, and then a move-in date.

Uhoh, that brings a whole new to-do list. Enough clothing, linens. What to add to the room to make it more personal. What we have to get out of the house. Tonight is the night offers are being accepted on the property, fingers crossed for that, too.

Just wish us luck, and sooner or later I’ll report.  Sigh (again).




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