Helloooo World!

Jonny, Jellybean & Buddy

Since my computer stopped recognizing my internet wireless connection on Monday (Yikes, 6 DAYS AGO!!) I have been visiting the most sacred wonderful place on earth, my beloved LIBRARY to check email and try to keep in touch. Nice to be BACK!!!

This photo shows our three lovely little budgies who are becoming more equal friends every day. In this shot, you’ll notice that Buddy (blue) is slightly separated from Jonny and Jellybean. That pair was so joined and bonded!!

Now the daily activities include equal schmoozing between Jellybean and Buddy while Jonny blithely occupies Jellybean’s throne perch, which is part of the Budgie Gym we bought for them. The days of Jellybean and Jonny grooming each other while Buddy looked on enviously are now a distant memory.

It brings to mind, especially in these times of such global struggle for humanity to be humane, that these tiny creatures have the mechanisms in place which all people need to foster and practise.

Even though it is natural for two males to fight quite viciously over one female, this trio has learned to be friends and put aside the instincts to rule. The pecking order in prior times here has had Buddy as Number One, indisputably. Suddenly, he found he was Number THREE!!

A short period of pouting had to be tolerated, and the reward for all of us, Andy and myself included, is days of joyous chirping, swooping flights around the living room, and hours of playing budgie games.

The proof of how busy all three of them are these days is the widely scattered little black and white donuts that we have to clean up every morning!!!  Quite a graduation from the three separate piles they produced in the first days of frozen sitting while sizing each other up.

Oh, and need I mention that Jellybean is now NUMBER ONE?  She’s quiet but efficient, and assumed this position like the little queen she is.


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