marked tree in forest

There are mysterious blue X’s on many of the trees in the forest this morning!  Oh, my! Something is going on, and SHELBY F SQUIRREL doesn’t like it.

Just a few days ago two men walked through the woods with a camera and a tape recorder. SHELBY and PETRA followed them and were quite puzzled by their behaviour. But ROSIE ROBIN was there when they sat and compared notes before driving away. Photographs of all the animals, and recordings of the forest’s sounds! Nobody can figure out why!

Time to consult CHARLIE, the trusty old farm horse. Being taxied by the Wise Old Owl and his family gets SHELBY and his friends wherever they want to go!  CHARLIE and his cousins say the photographs and recordings are for a book and maybe a movie about the forest.

But with the appearance of those nasty unfriendly looking X’s, the mood has changed to one of deep worry in the forest and on the farm. What is the farmer thinking? Is he concerned too?

What is happening? Can any of them do anything about it?

A sequel is on the way, starring all the characters of THE COMPLETE ADVENTURES OF SHELBY F SQUIRREL AND FRIENDS, but everyone is a little older and wiser.

More to tell later…….   Stay tuned, dear young readers!!


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