How I spent CANADA DAY, JULY 1, 2016

Thorold Reed Band Canada Day 2016

This is the THOROLD REED BAND.  Amazingly, it was formed in 1851, in Thorold, which is near Niagara Falls. The band is the oldest group of its kind in Canada, and has been running continuously since its inception.

Nowadays, the instrumentation includes full concert band requirements, so our name is a bit of a question mark to some. Reeds are the flutes (and piccolos), oboes (which we don’t have this year), bassoons, clarinets and saxes. A full complement of brass instruments rounds out the list. Trumpets, trombones, French horns, and euphoniums, and tubas fill the stage to overflowing. And of course, our fabulous percussion section is hiding there at the back,  as is our talented electric bassist.  The personnel list is in the neighbourhood of 50 dedicated volunteers.

Here we are, performing in our usual venue, the Brian Williams Bandshell. The plaque on the front just below the edge of the stage gives the facts on that. It’s named in honour of Brian, who led the band for 20 years.  Andrew Carruthers took over when Brian decided to take life a little easier.

Oh, and that’s me directly to Andrew’s left in the front row. All you can see is my face over the black music stand, and that horizontal line on my lap is my flute. That’s because I’m playing the PICCOLO in this shot, which I do as much as possible. Yes, even when it’s just a flute part. The park can stand a little piccolo any time, the more the better if you’re me.


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