Soon available!

My new SHELBY F. SQUIRREL adventure, The Great FOREST CAPER, will soon be live on CreateSpace and Amazon.

Price for paperback version will be $5.99 USD. EBook will be considerably less, as usual. Still to be determined.

Canadians who would like to order the paperback, I invite you to contact me so that I can mail you a copy myself. Three advantages you might appreciate: 1)  your copy will be autographed by me, and 2) the mailing cost will be lower, and 3) you will avoid possible very high brokerage fees coming into Canada. The books are printed in the USA. (We need a CreateSpace branch in Canada!)

When I order several copies, naturally the mailing cost per copy is lower. I’m sorry that the exchange is still high, but I will always try to as fair as possible with my eventual pricing.

Use info on Contact Page, or leave a comment on this blog.  🙂

Here’s the back cover with a hint of the plot:

FOREST CAPER final 2 back cover-page-001



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