Now What?

I have a need to put a few words here, if for no other reason than to get them out of my brain.

My whole being is in shock after last week, Nov 8. And I’m not even in the USA.

Do we not remember what war, hate, division, and non-acceptance have done to people all through history?

And every bit of it was the result of hate or distrust of another person’s or country’s religion, ethnicity, a fear of anything new or different, coupled with an overall lack of kind, humane love to all creatures.

The other factor is simply that power corrupts. It could be said that a person entering into office intends to be the epitome of goodness and benevolence, but the ego turns all those intentions sour and what takes over is sheer greed, elimination of any possible usurpers, and absolute tyranny.

History repeats itself. It’s a frightening thought right now, and much too close for comfort.


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