#RRBC Recruitment Day TODAY

Squirrel Acrobat

Don’t get held up by indecision!

Just go ahead and give RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB  a try!!

As with all things in our world and perhaps beyond (who knows?) what we put into life is usually what we will get out of it.

So it is with your membership in this highly-rated,  well-organized online group of authors. For example in January 2017 there are 6 days on my calendar marked for participating in supporting other members one way or another.

Twitter is the vehicle of choice used for promotion and conversation. It’s not very time-consuming to RT for another author, remembering to reply and thank members who do the same for you. My Handle is @eleanorlawrie1. Hope you will drop by.

Please visit my website at flutesandflyingsquirrels.com for everything you want to know about me and Shelby. Well, almost everything….

For my efforts, which are much smaller than many offer and faithfully DO, I’ve been made a BOOK OF THE MONTH Author for this whole month!!! Other members are asked to Tweet support, buy books (only if they wish and can afford to), read the books and, if so inclined, post a review. All these things are what INDIE AUTHORSHIP is all about!

#RRBC members include editors, publishers, instructors, literally everything a writer needs as an INDIE AUTHOR.

I’m enjoying the feeling of belonging, the pleasure of ‘meeting’ a whole lot of wonderful, generous people, reading their excellent books and getting lots of special promotion for my book, The Complete Adventures of SHELBY F SQUIRREL and Friends. http://amzn.to/2cO7rLo is the eBook link for USA.

Paperback, colour edition, available here:  https://www.createspace.com/5399580

Canadian?  I will MAIL your copy to you, autographed, with pleasure!

Most important reason for this blog: the link for joining #RRBC:


A Hearty WELCOME awaits you!


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