Are you waiting for Spring?

This is 2019, and I have never wanted to see the end of Winter more than I do this year.

Is it my age? Yes, I admit it. I’m seventy-five. Soon seventy-six. So there’s that.

Is it the weather? Very likely, since we are a little too well acquainted with the Polar Vortex. Even though it arrived late, it is synonymous with dread in my mind because of this year’s version.

Am I crazy? Well, I often wonder about that. I hate summer. I do, really. We have  had interminable heat waves the last few years; the humidity is exhausting for me. Young people even tell me they don’t like it as hot as it gets around here.

But this year, I have hated Winter with a vengeance. I feel cooped up. Trapped. Still, I know I will not likely enjoy the summer because the entire field in front of my window is now a staging area for a mammoth construction project. Eek, I tell you, it’s not nice, even with the windows closed. What on earth will it be like with our windows open?

Will the air even be breathable? Will it be nothing but diesel fumes? The answer, which does not please me at all, is that we will spend most of our days with the windows closed and the air conditioner running. That, my friends, requires a level of noise tolerance in itself. The AC always makes me feel cooped up. Trapped!!

There are people here who enjoy walking at night. I think I may have to take up that hobby in order to get some air. I much prefer to open all the windows at night than to keep the AC running. But at 7:00 am the monster machines will start up, the banging and clattering will resume, and the fumes will roll toward our windows with deadly accuracy.

Can you picture it? You might tell me to take refuge on the other side of the building. Go there and walk. And I would have to inform you that the rear of our abode here will be excavated this summer to renovate the underground garage!

The moon is looking better and better. Is there is a space shuttle leaving any time soon?


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