A Book for The Times

We are living in rather troubled times as we enter a new year.

When I think of all the issues, the one that stands out is bullying. Bullying is a lot like racism. It is built on lack of knowledge, unwillingness to give in, deciding someone is inferior when the truth is that there is just a superficial difference between the bully and the ‘bullied’.  The difference really doesn’t matter, if only the bully would stop and think about it.

‘Where is Virginia?’ is the third book in the SHELBY F. SQUIRREL series. We learn that Virginia has disappeared in the first chapter. Her family is new to the Flying Squirrel Sanctuary, having moved because of the terrible bullying that Virginia was dealing with. The reason for it? Her fur is pure white!!

The SHELBY F. SQUIRREL series is available on Amazon. Details on CONTACT INFORMATION page.


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