Just a Poem about Keeping Warm


At long, long last the summer’s gone, the blazing heat has died away;

the sun is warm, the sky is blue, a lovely early autumn day.

The nights are cold, the air is crisp: some folk would greet this with dismay;

but if you need to look for me, you’ll find me wrapped in my duvet!


It’s been too hot for far too long, there’s been no energy to play;

but now I can enjoy the time, for even if the skies are gray

I’m snug inside, with all I need. And please forgive an old cliché,

but come what may, come rain or shine, I’m comfy wrapped in my duvet!


When winter comes with driven snow, and skiers need the warm chalet,

the breath will freeze upon our lips, the cold’s hard grip will have its way.

I’ll just stay put and have with joy a day to sit back and crochet!

My toes are warm, and my knees too, they’re all wrapped up in my duvet!


Then in the new year will come spring, the days grow warmer; April, May,

will bring the birds, the trees in bud, flowers burst forth in bright display.

But nights will keep their brisk, chill air; and onward, tomorrow and today,

you know where I will take myself : to bed wrapped up in my duvet!

Eleanor Lawrie

September 18, 2012


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