Amazon Review:

Shelby, Quite the Flying Squirrel! Aug. 17 2015

By Margaret   5 STARS
This delightful collection of stories about Shelby and his family is well written and each story is as cute as a bug’s ear! I especially loved the story of Shelby and his family moving to a new forest.

I’d recommend this collection of stories for children of all ages but especially little ones who love animals and a good story. Whether the child can read or likes to be read to, these animal tales will be an entertaining addition to your library.

 Amazon Review, Paula M. Horton 5 STARS
This book is a delight for children and adults alike. From Shelby learning to fly in Chapter 1 to his moving day and all that brings, each chapter is sure to entertain. Each chapter is truly a new adventure – all in one book. This would be an excellent book to read to children each night at bedtime.
We get to know Shelby as a friend right away because we want him to be safe but as an adventurous guy, he gets into scrapes but always comes out okay and we are relieved. This would make a wonderful gift to a child for a special occasion or for no occasion at all to encourage children to read more often.
I would highly recommend this.

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