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While we weren’t mobbed by throngs of people after our books, it was a very pleasant day. It was well organized, with library staff and a crew of volunteers on hand the whole time.

People were directed to our room of displays as they entered or left the library itself. Individual readings were conducted in a separate room adjacent to the book tables, each writer was introduced. All this was done to a schedule that was posted.

I hammed it up a bit. That’s me up there reading when it was my turn and, yes, that’s a squirrel climbing up my left arm. But of course, it’s SHELBY himself. He’s like that, has to get into absolutely EVERYTHING!!

The contraption in the other photo is my ‘tree’.  One wants to attract attention at these events, and I wondered how many children’s writers would be present. Operating on the assumption that I might be the only one, I put the ‘tree’ right up on my table.  And wore SHELBY the whole day. You wouldn’t believe how many people, young and old, liked squeezing his tail and body to make him squeak!  ( it’s actually a dog toy!!)

The little winged critter on the right corner of my ‘tree’ is the closest I could come on short notice to The Wise Old Owl, a central character in the book. Found this one at ‘Once Upon a Child’ and he has magnets in his wingtips, so it was easy to rig up the display with a couple of leaf  sprays from Dollarama, a large green sheet, and dress-maker pins.

I liked the cartoon of a flying squirrel that I found so made him my mascot for the day, leaping into the air like a furry miniature Superman.

The day gifted me one young fan that was so pleased to have my book bought for her, that she gave me sweet lovely hugs, and we posed together for a photo to remember the day.

All in all, today served to show me and the others that the love of books is alive and well, and with a little encouragement, things really do happen!

Thanks to everyone who came to browse, and took away books, fliers, business cards. Thanks for bringing your interest in reading, your enthusiasm for books, and your support!

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