Real Santa Claus carrying big bag full of gifts, isolated on whi

No matter what your faith, your background, your comfort zone, I just want to say please enjoy the coming weeks of Christmastime with love and sharing and happiness.

The religious part no longer comes into it for me, but the pleasure of an extra hug, a coffee with a friend that I don’t see often enough, an unexpected visit, and cards and letters from those once-a-year relatives in faraway places, just seems to take over and carry me along.

May the simple things be shared and friendships be strengthened for each of you in these next weeks.

Please be safe in your partying and driving above all. Don’t jeopardize innocent lives, including possibly your own, by drinking and driving.  Nobody is okay to do that! Use the formula ‘one drink=no driving’, the only correct math for this problem.

With all good thoughts for 2016 and years to come, let’s live together as one family.



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