Speaking of Gifts….

1 Year Old_S0A9334b

THEN: Kira at 1 year, the sweetest baby!!     NOW: A lovely woman!

Of all the gifts any person could ever receive, my new baby girl was the cream of the crop. And, Kira Braun, you still are! You mean the world to me.

No mother could be prouder of the accomplishments on your list, but your dedication to and love of singing take the prize for hard work, persistence, and leaps and bounds in developing your voice, your repertoire, and experience.

Beautiful CDs, recitals and concerts, many operatic appearances in a very short space of time, all the while working long hours as a superbly accomplished and sought-after career woman: you put me and others in awe!!

Very few people would have the courage to pursue the love of a life-time when you committed to the decision to study and develop the talent you always had, and yearned to use. But you’ve done it!! And done it WELL!!

Here is Kira’s website:


Visit Kira on Facebook:





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