Jellybean and Jonny in our cage, first time w. Buddy on roof Jan 5, 2016

Here are Jellybean and Jonny, inside OUR cage for the first time!  Buddy is on the roof.

Thank goodness for Petland’s advice yesterday. So simple!!  Take the food out of their cage and put fresh food, plus treats into our cage.  It took a while but they finally got up their courage, once hunger kicked in!!

We had set the two cages facing each other from the first day. Our cage has a very large door that opens down like a castle gate, becoming a lovely platform.  We call it The Patio.

Since Saturday, when Andy brought them home from the Humane Society, they’ve socialized quite a bit. No squabbling at all.

Jonny has had three flying adventures, and improved his landing skills each time. Yesterday came and went and he decided to play it safe. No work-out for the little wings yesterday. We are careful to close their door when we leave. Until they prove they can manage that’s what we’ll do.

Usually our cages are open all day, so that is something to look forward to.

Jellybean has only flapped her wings madly two or three times a day, going nowhere, but it sure cleans the feathers out of the cage!!  Perky, who was our birdie for about 4 years, used to do the same thing. She couldn’t fly because her wings had been over-clipped so we thought the flapping was an exercise. Now we aren’t sure, and won’t know until Jellybean is airborne.

Stay tuned!!


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  1. Paula Horton
    Jan 06, 2016 @ 16:05:49

    Great! Glad to see they are all getting along and settling into their new home.



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