What’s YOUR Password?

OK, I figured it out.

By accident. Sort of.

It’s more complicated to reset a password now, I guess. I didn’t even WANT to reset it. But now it’s all OK. However,  my blood pressure is probably far from OK.

I was told to enter the SRS number that I would be sent. OK. Checked my email, no message. Checked it again. No message. Gave up the whole idea. Who needs to get into one’s own website anyway? Should it be this hard to do? It’s like an impenetrable fortress. Against ME!

THEN, just thought (for no connected reason) that I would check the text messages on my cell phone. And THERE IT WAS, on my cell phone! The magic number, who would’ve thunk?

I nearly threw the damned phone right across the room. Poor thing, it wasn’t to blame, but almost got it! Glad I didn’t throw it, I don’t need to buy a new cell phone TOO!

Could they please clarify (for old feeble folks like myself) that the magic number will be texted? Would that be TOO MUCH TO ASK? Check your text messages for the SRS number. How simple was that to type?

Well, as you can see, I did finally get into my own WordPress website. And today was just the end of the saga with the login fun. When it first threw me a curve I had to change my username. My email wasn’t good enough. No explanation, no logic, no reason. So I changed my username. That was ages ago.

But since everything else I use is under my email address, do you think I recalled that username bother? Of course not! Would YOU?

Because of all this absolutely unnecessary gobbledy-gook, I don’t comment on WordPress accounts! It’s TOO much TROUBLE. Even though I ask for my computer to retain the information it never works when that hated page pops up saying. “Are YOU really YOU? You better PROVE it!” and my password doesn’t work. I know I’m ME, why don’t THEY know that?

You guessed it. That’s because the username hasn’t come up. Like DUH, right. Why doesn’t frigging WordPress retain my username for me, huh? Oh no, up pops my email address.

What would YOU do? Enter your current password and hit login? Of course. Hah, caught you!!!

Enough, though, I must calm myself and try to proceed with my day! Sometimes one must rant when an inanimate object becomes one’s enemy. I think I’ll blame the weather, and the bad mood I’m in because of Donald Trump.

But Trump is another whole blog. Maybe I shouldn’t even let myself start on that one.


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