IT’S HERE !!!!

Where is Virginia?

Another Shelby F. Squirrel Adventure

There is a new Flying Squirrel family in the Flying Squirrel Sanctuary. And their one-year-old daughter, Virginia, has disappeared!

Red and Sal F. Squirrel and their little son, Edward, are in a panic so they ask for help.

But Shelby and all his friends work together to search for the missing Virginia, who has beautiful white fur. They are confident they will find her because since the trees are bare she will be quite visible.

But she is nowhere to be seen, and nobody is hearing any calls for help!!

ENTER NIKITA,  a Whippet Black Lab Mix dog! 

After the Flying Squirrel Sanctuary was established (The Great FOREST CAPER, 2016) paths  have been added and people are walking through the woods, some with their dogs.

Shelby and his mate, Petra, meet Nikita, but forget to tell her about Virginia. When they finally do, she discovers a scent in the area where Virginia was playing with Edward before she disappeared. The scent leads to the road edge.

Nikita says a person has come into the forest on this route more than once, and the car or truck that was used to get there was parked on the road. The animals wait for the truck to return, and when it does Howard Owl carries Marvin F. Mouse (who just happen to be on duty watching at the roadside) and they follow the truck.

It leads them to a small building.

The plot includes a clever escape by Virginia, who brings a second captive with her, Bandit, a young raccoon. Nikita convinces her owner, Bryan, to drive to the building, following the owls, who are carrying Shelby and a few others. There is no other way to bring Bandit home.

Happy reunion follows and the story wraps up with a Canine Lacrosse Tournament, where Nikita finds her long-lost litter mates, and the people who captured Virginia and Bandit make an important announcement. No more captures; they will patrol daily and help any animals who need treatment from injuries or illness. Treatment will happen in the new mobile unit.

Included in the story line: Nikita’s life story, and two pairs of flying squirrels who become parents. Shelby becomes a father and he is staying with his mate! One of the new flying squirrel babies has white fur, which allows Virginia to become a special friend and mentor.

Lessons learned? Here are a few:

  • Bullying is wrong, we are all the same inside.
  • Even when life seems impossible we have to keep trying.
  • A positive attitude is the only way to be successful.
  • Old age means letting the younger generation do the work.
  • Newborn babies need a lot of attention.
  • A successful community depends on mutual love and respect.

Watch for Where is Virgina? on CreateSpace and Amazon!!  


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