Shelby F. Squirrel, The SERIES


HERE THEY ARE! Three Shelby F. Squirrel Books!

Hello, everyone! It’s not every day that an author completes a series of three books. I hope you will particularly like the ‘growing’ aspect of these humble efforts of mine.

Unlike most children’s books, the characters in Shelby F. Squirrel books do not stay the same age. Here’s how they break down:



As your child grows, so does Shelby!

(1) The Complete Adventures of  SHELBY F. SQUIRREL and Friends

Age 4-10 (Shelby is 3 months old to 2 years)

(2) The Great FOREST CAPER

Age 8-11 (Shelby is an adolescent)

(3) Where is Virginia?

Age 9-12 (Shelby is an adult and becomes a father)

Children love the stories in the first book, The Complete Adventures of SHELBY F. SQUIRREL and Friends. They are perfect for bedtime reading, as each of the 24 stories is approximately 1100 words, under 10 minutes. Your child will enjoy reading them over and over once he or she is able to read independently.

The Great FOREST CAPER is a chapter book, with a story of more serious import than the first book. The forest will be cut down, all their homes will be lost, unless the animals act together! Readers aged 8-11 is the recommended level.

Where is Virginia? is a mystery, which is solved only when a new friend, Nikita, helps. There is a dramatic rescue, and during all the excitement Shelby and Petra become parents.

The Series begins with SHELBY at the age of 3 months and follows him all the way to fatherhood! Many lessons are learned, but these are woven subtly into the fabric of each plot.  The story is always the centre of attention and reason for reading in the first place!

Available on Amazon:

Please contact me for your paperback copies at: so that I can autograph them!

Book 3 is LIVE and AVAILABLE!

Where is Virgina? 

Book 3 in the SHELBY F. SQUIRREL Series. Yes, I can officially call it a Series now! 

Virginia is gone! SHELBY and his friends have no luck finding her until NIKITA offers to help. In this third SHELBY F. SQUIRREL book, the same animals in the FLYING SQUIRREL SANCTUARY are back, along with several brand new faces. It’s a tale of community, trust, cooperation, endurance, heroism, and true love between family and friends.

COVER-1 Aug 22

Order the eBook here: $1.49 USD $1.91 CAD

IT’S HERE !!!!

Where is Virginia?

Another Shelby F. Squirrel Adventure

There is a new Flying Squirrel family in the Flying Squirrel Sanctuary. And their one-year-old daughter, Virginia, has disappeared!

Red and Sal F. Squirrel and their little son, Edward, are in a panic so they ask for help.

But Shelby and all his friends work together to search for the missing Virginia, who has beautiful white fur. They are confident they will find her because since the trees are bare she will be quite visible.

But she is nowhere to be seen, and nobody is hearing any calls for help!!

ENTER NIKITA,  a Whippet Black Lab Mix dog! 

After the Flying Squirrel Sanctuary was established (The Great FOREST CAPER, 2016) paths  have been added and people are walking through the woods, some with their dogs.

Shelby and his mate, Petra, meet Nikita, but forget to tell her about Virginia. When they finally do, she discovers a scent in the area where Virginia was playing with Edward before she disappeared. The scent leads to the road edge.

Nikita says a person has come into the forest on this route more than once, and the car or truck that was used to get there was parked on the road. The animals wait for the truck to return, and when it does Howard Owl carries Marvin F. Mouse (who just happen to be on duty watching at the roadside) and they follow the truck.

It leads them to a small building.

The plot includes a clever escape by Virginia, who brings a second captive with her, Bandit, a young raccoon. Nikita convinces her owner, Bryan, to drive to the building, following the owls, who are carrying Shelby and a few others. There is no other way to bring Bandit home.

Happy reunion follows and the story wraps up with a Canine Lacrosse Tournament, where Nikita finds her long-lost litter mates, and the people who captured Virginia and Bandit make an important announcement. No more captures; they will patrol daily and help any animals who need treatment from injuries or illness. Treatment will happen in the new mobile unit.

Included in the story line: Nikita’s life story, and two pairs of flying squirrels who become parents. Shelby becomes a father and he is staying with his mate! One of the new flying squirrel babies has white fur, which allows Virginia to become a special friend and mentor.

Lessons learned? Here are a few:

  • Bullying is wrong, we are all the same inside.
  • Even when life seems impossible we have to keep trying.
  • A positive attitude is the only way to be successful.
  • Old age means letting the younger generation do the work.
  • Newborn babies need a lot of attention.
  • A successful community depends on mutual love and respect.

Watch for Where is Virgina? on CreateSpace and Amazon!!  

What’s YOUR Password?

OK, I figured it out.

By accident. Sort of.

It’s more complicated to reset a password now, I guess. I didn’t even WANT to reset it. But now it’s all OK. However,  my blood pressure is probably far from OK.

I was told to enter the SRS number that I would be sent. OK. Checked my email, no message. Checked it again. No message. Gave up the whole idea. Who needs to get into one’s own website anyway? Should it be this hard to do? It’s like an impenetrable fortress. Against ME!

THEN, just thought (for no connected reason) that I would check the text messages on my cell phone. And THERE IT WAS, on my cell phone! The magic number, who would’ve thunk?

I nearly threw the damned phone right across the room. Poor thing, it wasn’t to blame, but almost got it! Glad I didn’t throw it, I don’t need to buy a new cell phone TOO!

Could they please clarify (for old feeble folks like myself) that the magic number will be texted? Would that be TOO MUCH TO ASK? Check your text messages for the SRS number. How simple was that to type?

Well, as you can see, I did finally get into my own WordPress website. And today was just the end of the saga with the login fun. When it first threw me a curve I had to change my username. My email wasn’t good enough. No explanation, no logic, no reason. So I changed my username. That was ages ago.

But since everything else I use is under my email address, do you think I recalled that username bother? Of course not! Would YOU?

Because of all this absolutely unnecessary gobbledy-gook, I don’t comment on WordPress accounts! It’s TOO much TROUBLE. Even though I ask for my computer to retain the information it never works when that hated page pops up saying. “Are YOU really YOU? You better PROVE it!” and my password doesn’t work. I know I’m ME, why don’t THEY know that?

You guessed it. That’s because the username hasn’t come up. Like DUH, right. Why doesn’t frigging WordPress retain my username for me, huh? Oh no, up pops my email address.

What would YOU do? Enter your current password and hit login? Of course. Hah, caught you!!!

Enough, though, I must calm myself and try to proceed with my day! Sometimes one must rant when an inanimate object becomes one’s enemy. I think I’ll blame the weather, and the bad mood I’m in because of Donald Trump.

But Trump is another whole blog. Maybe I shouldn’t even let myself start on that one.


Hi Everyone!

Last Saturday, May 6, I had the pleasure of a half-hour interview with Author, Gwendolyn Plano, a fellow member of RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB. Gwen is the author of ‘Letting Go into Perfect Love’.

I used my phone because I’m so far in the past technically that I don’t have a mike on my computer. Direct contact was available, but there I was holding my phone to my ear!!

Despite the less-than-perfect audio, I hope you’ll have a listen. It just could be that you’ll discover something about ME, and something about SHELBY during our conversation.

The program was sponsored by Nonnie Jules, President of the Rave Waves Book Club and author of ‘The Good Mommy’s Guide to Raising Almost Perfect Daughters’.


Thanks, Gwen and thanks, Nonnie, for inviting me. I’m truly thankful and very honoured to be chosen for this privilege offered by the Rave Reviews Book Club.

New 5 STAR Review for SHELBY

By CML Grainger on 11 Feb 2017

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

The Complete Adventures of SHELBY F SQUIRREL and Friends by Eleanor Lawrie is a delightful book. Both parents and children will enjoy this little chap’s adventures. Although we do not have young children I will certainly buy this book for nephews and nieces in the right age group. To be savoured!

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